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2GIS is an Android application with a directory and navigator option for pedestrians and motorists.


The utility contains a detailed map of cities with pedestrian and car routes. Drivers can track the situation on the road, traffic lights and jams. Also on the map there are notes about speed bumps. This will help to maintain speed.

Pedestrians can also use the utility in an unfamiliar city. In addition to standard street signs, it contains markers with passages between tightly adjoining houses, fences and various obstacles. Thanks to this, a pedestrian can choose an alternative travel route.

The application also has public transport data. For example, you can find the parking of buses, trolley buses or trams. A detailed schedule and convenient display will allow you to exit at a particular stop and save time. 


Many people often look for the location of various organizations. The utility contains notes on the map with the name of the company and the time of their work. Also, profiles with companies contain a detailed description and links to pages on social networks. Many organizations have a star rating and reviews of real users.

In addition to online navigation, the application contains booking options. Users can book a table in a cafe or restaurant, buy concert tickets, arrange an appointment with a doctor and so on. It is especially convenient for tourists to travel throughout the city.


  • application for city navigation for drivers and pedestrians;
  • markers with information about organizations in each city;
  • the ability to order ticket services and rent a car;
  • the utility is available free of charge for download and use;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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