3C Network Manager

3C Network Manager

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Android 4.0 and above
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3C Network Manager is a convenient network application on Android that allows you to control the data of your traffic in Wi-Fi and 3G networks. You can track the current activity graphs and resources consumed by each offer on your smartphone. You can also track all users who are connected to your network and configure a priority policy. The user interface allows you to save up to 5 minutes of activity and export files in various formats. You can track the user activity cycle and determine IP addresses. It is worth noting that this application allows you to share the VPN service itself via USB or Wi-Fi. 

You can also adjust the firewall and TCP IP connection data. Monitor up to two types of traffic simultaneously and use a separate widget that will allow you to monitor activity in your users. This application is a professional solution for those who want to use peak loads of Wi-Fi connections and track all the details of events. Here you can save statistics and limit the number of users who can connect to your network. Configure DNS servers and firewalls. Thanks to the quick server configuration, No one can connect to the network without your knowledge.

Protect the IP Connection

Thanks to this application, you have a detailed statistical report of activity inside Wi-Fi networks and a 3G connection. You can actively use traffic and track the most demanding applications. Now you can prioritize when installing apps and limit the speed of individual users on a Wi-Fi network. Select the type of connection you want and track data using widgets.

App Features

  • application for monitoring traffic on Android;
  • track activity logs and connects to the network;
  • manage IP addresses and share a VPN connection;
  • settings for displaying advanced widgets;
  • saving the report in a five-minute record.
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