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4Liker is an Android application that will allow you to increase your popularity on Facebook. Thanks to this application, you can get 50 likes per subscription and up to 500 likes to increase the popularity of all your activities on this social network. The application works for free due to the social activity of users. Thanks to a simple application algorithm, you get the required activity in your profile. Now your comments, publications and photos will receive more response from users. 

Read comments from unique people, enjoy the activity of your subscribers and get more likes. This application simplifies the ability to improve your account and allows you to achieve the desired results. Enjoy the new statistics and get all the benefits for free. The application is intended solely to increase social activity in your Facebook profile. There are no advertising messages or malicious code. The application works exclusively on mutual support algorithms, so you get automatic likes, comments and feedback on your content.

Free Likes

The application is free, so you do not need to spend your money on the activity of other people in your profile. Use the automatic like algorithm to get more feedback on your post. Now you will become more popular on social networks and will be able to surprise your friends with social activity. Enjoy the opportunity to increase likes, views and the overall activity of people in your profile. This is a great social tool that will increase your profile on Facebook.

App Features

  • automatic likes for registering on android;
  • convenient interface and the ability to get up to 500 likes;
  • no advertising and spam in the application;
  • free use and automatic activity;
  • small size so as not to clutter up your smartphone.
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