5 Gold Rings UK

5 Gold Rings UK

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Android 6.0 and above
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The official TV show App

5 Gold Rings UK is the official app of the eponymous television program. Users can download the program to their smartphone or tablet to play with the participants in the show. The essence of the game is straightforward. Two teams compete against each other, answering questions. Rings appear on the screen, indicating a possible correct answer. The question and answer must coincide in the ring. If this does not happen, then the next command takes over the right to answer the question.

The application allows you to play together with the participants of the TV show. The most erudite players can see their names in the credits. It is an excellent opportunity to reach the finals with one of the teams. Enter your name in the history of the program and answer the questions correctly. Earn rank and points to dominate the game. The best players will be on the leaderboard. 

How It Works

The standings include general statistics and weekly results. With the right answers, you can head the standings and become the best online player. You need to put the rings according to the question. For example, you need to show the country on a world map. The results are updated every week so that you can become one of the best players with positive statistics. The application has a convenient and intuitive interface, so you will not have problems with management. Answer the questions correctly; earn your rank and maximum points. Start your journey to the heights of the intellectual Olympus right now.

App Features

  • the official 5 Gold Rings app on Android;
  • online gameplay & points score;
  • full ITV Hub account integration;
  • total winners list on LIVE ON TV;
  • answer the questions online.
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