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9 Timer is a convenient application for android devices that will help you conduct interval training. Now each of your sports activities will be as effective as possible.

Fast Workouts

A good workout is not necessarily hours-long measuring exercises in the gym. Sometimes basic tasks and the most intense exercise for 10-15 minutes are enough. Thanks to this application, you can create a daily list of workouts and use a convenient timer to account for the number of approaches correctly. 

Now you can effectively engage in high-interval training and get effective results. Use the pop-up notification in order not to miss the next approach. Use exercises with dumbbells, running, squats, and any other types of physical training. You can track the current rhythm intervals and adjust each session depending on your mood and capabilities.

Fitness Schedule

It is also worth noting that you can track statistics for seven days or more. The results will be visible in the corresponding tables, and you can compare the parameters that you achieved during your training. Use the built-in calendar to record the most significant dates and correctly distribute the training approach. It will help you burn calories efficiently and boost your workout. 

You can record all the current settings in your calendar and take into account the new capabilities of your body. In general, this application will allow you to get a convenient interface for recording each workout for Android.


  • application with a timer for training;
  • free recommendations for improving strength and endurance;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android;
  • pop-up notifications and calorie counter;
  • statistics in the form of charts and graphs.
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