AbemaTV, Inc.
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Android 4.1 and above
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AbemaTV is an application on Android to watch Japanese TV channels online. Thanks to a convenient menu, you can switch between 20 channels, watch dramas, series, reality shows, and animes. You can also join sports competitions and watch Japanese football stars. Switch between settings, choose the most exciting topics and view content without registering. It is the best application that replaces the set-top box on your smartphone or tablet. 

It is worth noting that the menu and general broadcasts are conducted in Japanese, which can become a severe barrier to many people. Nevertheless, if you know Japanese, you can watch all the movies and TV shows without translation. Also, in the application menu, there are documentary programs and historical opuses which allow you to get acquainted with the culture of Japan.

Japanese TV

This application perfectly illustrates Japanese culture and allows you to access exciting content 24 hours a day. In addition to free formats, there is a subscription system that will enable you to view an unlimited amount of content and provides access to independent films, series, and television shows. You can also use Chromecast to stream your favorite movies and television shows on the Big Screen. It is a convenient option that works everywhere allows you to get together as a family in front of the TV. Get involved in Japanese TV culture and watch exciting content online. Play it; enjoy it.

App Features

  • video player for watching Japanese TV channels;
  • movies, TV shows, anime and sports content online;
  • free application for all registered users;
  • categories and a quick search of content by keywords;
  • the HD quality without buffering on Android.
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