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The Abs 21 application is intended for those who are determined to play sports at home. Of course, no one guarantees that in exactly three weeks you will get a slender waist or an inflated torso with cubes, but you will definitely see the first results. The Abs 21 Android app offers four workout levels of 20 homework exercises. With the help of these exercises, you can remove excess fat on the abdomen, making it not just flatter, but also toned, and the waist is thin. From active exercises, extra centimeters will melt and the image of the press will begin to draw.

To complete the program, it is not enough just to do 21 workouts in a month - you should be engaged without a break! The application indicates what exercises to do, demonstrating the animation of their correct performance. That is, by choosing a particular exercise you will see an animated man who will demonstrate the correct movements and get text instructions. The number of circles can be set independently.

Application Use Options

If you have completed all of the available levels and achieved the title of master, try to create your own, advanced, training based on previously completed ones. Abs 21 does not require additional sports equipment other than a floor mat. Some exercises need to be performed on your back and you will catch a cold without a rug. Using the application is strongly discouraged for people with heart and respiratory diseases.

Application features

  • offers a training course of four levels for 21 days;
  • gives you the opportunity to practice at home, without additional equipment;
  • offers tools to create your training option;
  • has a nice modern interface, which is fully translated into few languages;
  • includes a section with the achievements of the athlete.
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