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Abs Workout appAbs Workout training

Abs Workout is an application that can help you take care of yourself without missing a single workout. Abs Workout is an ideal solution for those who want to improve their physical fitness, but do not have the ability or finances to attend the gym. Using this application, the user reduces the risk of injury, because thanks to the built-in prompts, he will always know which muscle groups a particular exercise is responsible for and how many times it needs to be repeated so that the next day the body does not ache from pain and fatigue.


Abs Workout for the press offers users to play sports at home. All available workouts are divided into levels. Having mastered the easy, you can switch to the more complex, gradually moving from level to level, increasing the load and training your body more and more. When using training, several modes are available – the “silent” mode and the mode with musical accompaniment, the use of which will add vigor and enthusiasm to your classes.
Each workout is divided into a list of exercises. Switching between them, you can see the description. Thanks to the latter, the user will be able to more clearly follow the instructions and will be sure that all exercises are performed correctly. In addition, you can watch videos that are video training sessions, which is very convenient for those who better perceive information visually. All workouts contain recommendations on the necessary amount of time for exercises, as well as the total duration of the program. To avoid personal injury, we recommend that you follow these tips.

Key Features

  • a set of training aimed at people with different levels of training;
  • detailed tips explain how to do workouts;
  • the ability to use music for classes;
  • detailed description of each exercise;
  • viewing a workout in a video format;
  • recommendations on the duration of the lesson and the duration of the course.
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