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AdBlock is an Android application with the option to block ads in the browser and utilities.

How does blocking work?

The utility allows you to block most types of advertising content. To do this, you need to install the application and enable the filter toggle switch. New versions of Android support the application in automatic mode. If you are the owner of an old device, then you will need to configure the proxy manually. The utility contains detailed instructions for this case.

The application allows you to subscribe to updates and timely check for new versions. When you activate the toggle switch, most of the advertising content is blocked. But you may need root rights to remove some banners and pop-up notifications in some games. A simple interface is a plus because users only need to click on one button for the Internet’s comfortable use.

Additional options

Users can allow the app to show unobtrusive ads and small blocks in apps and sites. It is an optional mode that does not have to be activated. You can also display the AdBlock icon on top of all pages. To block an individual banner or advertising notice, just click on it. The main settings menu also supports the filtering option. 

One of the most convenient free options is the automatic inclusion of an ad blocker when the operating system starts. The only drawback of the utility is the lack of white and blacklists for websites and installed programs. Users will have to determine priority sites and turn off blocking independently.


  • application to block ads in utilities and browsers;
  • automatic activation mode when the device is turned on;
  • some options require root rights;
  • the utility is available for free to block ads;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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