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AdGurad is an application that removes annoying ads from your phone's screen and protects your personal information.

Blocking advertisement 

It's the main purpose of the app. Whenever you surf the internet, it will automatically block countless banners on websites, so you never see them. There are different settings you can adjust to your needs. For example, add some sites to the whitelist, so you could see ads only there if needed. 

The basic version is working only with your browser. However, if you want to avoid distracting in-app commercials, you can upgrade to the premium version. 

Better security and performance  

The application also can protect you in many different ways, which is a good bonus to its general goal. 

First of all, it keeps an eye on your personal information’s integrity and notifies you if any app is trying to steal it. It looks for trackers and malware on your device and gets rid of it. 

Also, with a premium package, you can use a browsing security feature that will protect you online. If you use it there is no need for additional antivirus software. 

The app also lets you use a proxy. If you connect via it, you gain access to all websites that are blocked in your region. This means that AdGuard can replace such programs as Proxynel and save some space on your phone. 

Moreover, the application can control the battery usage of your device. It analyzes the power consumption and provides you with statistics on it. In addition to this, the state of the phone's memory is also monitored and analyzed.


  • you can avoid annoying commercials while on the web;

  • personal information protection;

  • detection of malware;

  • control over the device’s memory and battery;

  • in-app proxy;

  • free download for Android.

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