Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader

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75 Mb
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Android 4.1 and above
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Adobe Acrobat Reader is an Android application that allows you to open pdf files, edit them and create new documents. View books, magazines, documents and various details in just a few clicks. The application allows you to insert digital signatures, add content and zoom. Convenient viewing mode allows you to place text and leave comments in each PDF file. The instant system opens documents and allows you to edit them in one click. 

You can set up sharing to work with other people. Scan these documents and convert them to PDF format. There are many options and settings that will allow you to effectively manage content. Fill out forms and fields in documents, save files or send them for printing. This is a multifunctional program that will simplify office work for many people. The application has a convenient interface, so that you will not have any difficulties about setting the playback mode of pdf-documents. Choose different display formats. Use the zoom option and get full access to documents.

Create & Edit PDF Files

The application is suitable for those who need a convenient program for reading PDF files and managing all documents. View any notes, graphics, and other data. Sign documents, fill out forms and configure various parameters with one click. You can create your own pdf files and send it in various ways. The system allows you to convert PDF to a text document and edit it. Set up synchronization with cloud storage or data on another device to send the necessary PDF file.

App Features

  • application for opening and editing PDF files;
  • create documents, view them and zoom to find data;
  • the ability to set a digital signature, fill out forms and make edits;
  • file sharing system and document creation mode;
  • convert files in one click and combine documents.
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