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Music downloader - Mp3 Player is a music player especially for Android. Regarding an equalizer with quick manipulation and a user-friendly interface, SKY Music offers music listening experience with thousands of free songs and best ever music collections anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy browsing all the songs on your device and easily searching for any artist or album free.

A continuous update will be notified to you with newly released singles and albums and the most constantly updated trending genres help you not to miss any HITs.

The MP3 player with bass booster, reverb effects and built-in equalizer will absolutely enhance your music listening experience.

Enjoy your music listening experience with a stylish and simple user interface, Music downloader - Mp3 Player is a perfect choice.

Main function:
🎵 Search for your favorite song, artist, or album and download them with high-quality sound.
🎵 Powerful equalizer with bass booster, reverb effects, and more.
🎵 Play songs with shuffled, ordered, or repeated mode
🎵 Automatically scan all audio types, songs management and sharing.
🎵 Easily listen viewed by songs, artists, albums, and your customized playlists.
🎵 Control the lock screen and play on the notification bar.
🎵 Set song as ringtone in offline music.
🎵 Player as background mode.
🎵 Sleep timer.

Hope you will enjoy your music with Music downloader - Mp3 Player.

Any ideas or suggestions? Please contact us at [email protected]
Android, Android+
Music Player & Ytube Downloader
13.4 mb
24 Jan. 2022
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