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Cash Crate is recognized as a free Get paid to site.

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For those of you who want to create a design jacket, we provide an application that can help you in getting an idea and inspiration.

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Manga Fox, Free manga manhua comics reader brings you a fast quality experience.

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MangaLife is a manga e-reader that gives you free access to all of your favorite manga, with NEW manga added every day!!

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Samsung MirrorLink is an app for connecting your Android smartphone screen to your car's display.

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The Amazon Underground app includes enhanced features and access to content that isn’t available on the Amazon Shopping app found on Google Play.

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Samsung Radio is an official Samsung tool that lets you tune into several radio stations with your Samsung smartphone.

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GBet provides the best possible odds to the users day by day

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WhatsApp Gold APK is the new modified mod of Original WhatsApp for Android users with unlimited amazing and exciting features.

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YouTube Vanced APK is a modded version of YouTube which contains a lot of features such as adblocking, background playback, and more.

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Hollywoodbets Put your intuition to the test Play a fun and exciting game of scissors, rock and paper.

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Google Play Music is the official Google application for listening to music from its popular service directly on Android phones

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Samsung Messages is a tool that Samsung pre-installs by default on all their official devices.

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HUAWEI Weather is the official Huawei app for checking the weather.

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If you have a Samsung smartphone and want an accurate weather forecast, Samsung Weather is an official app from Samsung that provides exactly that.

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This online educational tool gives lessons and assignments matching the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements.

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Camera is an app for taking photos in a quick and easy way on Huawei smartphones.

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YOWhatsApp is an application for Android that gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with friends and share images or other files with them.

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WhatsApp Aero is an application for Android that provides you with the opportunity to get in touch with other users of it and share files with them.

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JTWhatsApp is an application for Android that allows you to send voice and text messages to people from your contact list and share various files with them.

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Huawei Email is an email service of Huawei that gives people an alternative to Google Gmail.

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This app makes it easy to download the latest shows in the world.

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Smartphone vehicle and fleet tracking for real-time access to the latest information and whereabouts of your vehicle or fleet.

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Vevo lets you stream and watch exclusive music and HD videos and search for your favorite music for free.

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Aptoide is an open source independent Android app store that allows you to install and discover apps in an easy, exciting and safe way.

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It is not the best video-editing app

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Vanced is an incredibly useful app that gives you the possibility to download your favorite YouTube videos quickly, easily, and conveniently.

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With the aid of this application you can download as many movies and TV series as possible

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With the cashcloud app your smartphone turns into a wallet.

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Uptodown's official app allows you to download apps directly in APK format, quickly and safely.

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Galaxy Apps is an app store for Android that lets you download hundreds of apps and videogames without needing a Google account.

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The app for being able to install Google applications on Huawei

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FMovies is your ultimate companion to pick up the best movies to watch.

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GBWhatsapp APK is the modified version of Whatsapp.

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Huawei Music is an official music player from the smartphone manufacturer that also lets you stream songs using its enormous database.

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Internal messaging platform that allows for the receipt and reply to messages

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Timing is everything, especially when there’s a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary on the horizon.

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Facebook Pink is a mirror of the famous social network that includes a really pretty bar on the upper part of the screen.

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Get speedy sports score updates on the go on your Android device in real time!

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CashMagnet is one of the best mobile apps allowing to earn money easily just by using your Android phone.

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The best way to bet on the world's biggest lotteries on the move.

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