Artem Izmaylov
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The size
4,6 Mb
Number of installations
Current version
v3.01, build 972 (22.03.2020)
Android version
Android 4.4
Aimp SongAimp Player

Aimp is a modern audio player that supports many formats, covers and tag editing.

Unlimited listening

This free application is great for listening to music of various formats. It uses a playlist creation method to select a song from a playlist. You can synchronize your application with the Android Auto program. Regular leave the volume balance and choose different frequency characteristics. 

There are 29 bands on the equalizer to tune the best music sound for you. It is worth noting that the application supports custom themes, so you can activate the interface to fit your needs. Change the hue of the theme and additional modes. Here you can add audio files to bookmarks and customize album art directly from folders. You can also configure different playback order, which is very convenient.

Music styles

Here you can choose your own music styles depending on the frequency on the equalizer. Adjust the sound settings to get 2 cool qualities. Here you can configure the playback queue and the ability to roll back tracks for 5 seconds. Set up various notifications and control your player with a wireless headset. It is worth noting that this application allows you to improve the quality of music in using the frequency regulator built into the equalizer. 

Customize your smart playlists and sync across multiple shelves. The system allows you to customize the widget for the main screen of your Android smartphone. Intuitive interface allows you to quickly switch between tracks and various folders.


  • free audio player for Android devices;
  • support for themes, tags, and playlists;
  • creation of an album cover from a picture in a folder;
  • built-in Internet radio and frequency adjustment;
  • 29-band equalizer and preset selection.
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