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AiVision take a photoAiVision camera

AiVision is a modern application that uses special cognitive services developed by Microsoft. Thanks to this, the program can recognize various emotions of people and determine the estimated age from photographs. You can select an object and add photos with the image of people’s faces. The program automatically generates emoticons depending on the mood of the person in the picture to recognize emotions. You can also add tags to your photos in a few clicks. You can find a description of photos to publish them on social networks. 

The program quickly tracks all facial wrinkles and changes in appearance and allows you to determine the emotional state of any person. Thanks to the use of Microsoft algorithms, you can count on the most accurate display of tags and a description of your photos. Now you can create a set of emoticons depending on the mood in the picture and add them to your description on social networks. This application can combine with various social networks to share content with friends. 

Use Cases

Use the emoticon system to emphasize each photo and analyze the current state of the photo model. All statistics are collected based on the use of various photographs. Thus, you can count on a high-quality identification of emotions. This application is suitable for socially active people and those who want to recognize the mood and age of people from photographs automatically. Reliable algorithms based on machine learning and are continually being improved. Different emotional conditions are determined thanks to the experience and preliminary scanning mode of other pictures. That is why you get the most detailed result.

App Features

  • face recognition application on Android;
  • define emotions op facial expression in the photo;
  • analysis of age and various characteristics;
  • a detailed description of photos;
  • compilation of tags for publications on social networks.
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