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Alcohol guide

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Alcohol guide is an application for lovers of alcoholic beverages, which will help to calculate the optimal amount of “booze”, providing a cheerful morning without a hangover. It also allows you to use a calculator to calculate the time for alcohol to withdraw from the body. Download and use the application for free. It starts and works correctly even on relatively older versions of Android.

Calculation of the dose of alcohol

To determine the optimal volume of a drink for consumption, the application requires you to specify the conditions under which it will be used and some physiological parameters of the body. In particular, the user will be required to select the gender, weight, strength of the drink, indicate the presence of snacks, the place of drinking alcohol (at home or in nature), the presence of the company, the frequency of the hangover, the presence of bad habits, and so on. After evaluating all the “introductory” applications, the Alcohol guide will determine the dose of alcohol in milliliters. Naturally, the results will be approximate.

Those who woke up from a terrible hangover and want to find out the time of alcohol withdrawal from the body, a separate calculator is provided. There, you also need to indicate some physiological indicators and add a complete list of drinks (up to ten) that you consumed the day before. This calculator is recommended for use by those who are going to drive, but are not sure of their sobriety. As in the case of calculating the dose of alcohol, the developer does not guarantee 100% reliability of the results.

App Features

  • helps calculate recommended amounts of drinks
  • can take into account a huge number of factors;
  • predicts the time of withdrawal of alcohol from the body;
  • determines the current degree of intoxication;
  • It has a nice modern interface.
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