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72 Mb
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Android 4.0 and above
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AliExpress is a popular shopping app. The Android program works with many Chinese stores so that you can buy absolutely any product. Buy phone cases, gadgets, clothes, and even a car. Many exciting categories sorted for the convenience of users. Thus, the main screen contains the most current discounts, promotions, and sales. In addition to the group, you can use unique coins and coupons that will help you get a discount on certain goods and services. 

“Freebies” is a feature that allows you to win one of the items for free. Choose the thing that you want to get for free and expect the results of the draws. Do not forget about Flash Deals. It is the best offer that can significantly save on the product, buy it in a few minutes. Also, pay attention to the Top Selection tab. It will allow you to find the most exciting products. Buy the necessary things, and send the parcel to anywhere in the world. It will enable you to enjoy the possibility of an unlimited choice of goods and services.

Start Shopping

Due to the presence of many manufacturers and sellers on the site, you save a lot of money on each purchase. Also, many sellers make additional discounts with good customer ratings or regular purchases. This application will allow you to find absolutely any product from various categories. It is worth noting that each seller has a personal score. It will help you choose the most reliable and responsible seller on AliExpress. Choose and make deals. There are many attractive wholesale and retail offers that will appeal to many people around the world.

App Features

  • the Android application for purchasing goods;
  • use categories and sections to search;
  • huge assortment, discounts, promotions, and sales;
  • lots of coins and coupons to active buyers;
  • free shipping on some items.
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