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28 Mb
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Android 4.4 and above Networking hot Networking notifications
Description Networking is a social network whereby you can become famous. Install the application on Android and find people you are interested in talking to. Create your own profiles and groups and publish thematic content. You can activate a business account and become popular among other people. Monetize your creativity and get 50% of digital network revenue. This way you can get a convenient mechanism for making money on your work and do what you like. Create author publications, interesting articles and other information. 

With some luck, you can be at the top of popularity and make good money. Share information with your subscribers and get user feedback. This application is ideal for active people who want to communicate and earn on their skills. Choose any topic for publication and activate your business account. Also, the application allows you to use a digital wallet and conduct transactions without commission.

Everyday Joy

This application will allow you to soar to the top of popularity and feel the support of fans. to create interesting publications that will appeal to millions of people around the world. Here you can be yourself and create what you like. Become a popular blogger and get a steady passive income for your publications. You can also use an electronic wallet and make various transactions without a commission. It is one of the best social networks that offer users many interesting features and the possibility of personal growth. Realize all your creative impulses and stages by a famous blogger. Here you have every chance that you will radically change your life.

App Features

  • social network on Android;
  • share unique moments with subscribers;
  • monetize your creativity
  • create interesting content and become popular;
  • simple interface and large audience.
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