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AllTrails is an application for Android that helps you to find the best possible route for your exercises or walks. 

Choosing between options 

At first, you are suggested to create an account but it is not obligatory like in many other apps. You can proceed straight to its functions but there will be some limitations until you are registered properly. 

On the main screen, you can find the explore tab and browse through available activities. You can pick the purpose that suits you the best. There are hiking, mountain biking, running, backpacking, walking, camping and many others. You just need to choose one and you will be shown all the possible variants close to you based on your current location.

It is also possible to search for routes by their suitability. You can see available options depending on whom you are going with or what conditions you are expecting. There are dogs, kids and strollers friendly variants, along with paved and partially paved ones.  

Once you have found something that you like you can start your activity there. It seems like a good idea to install also some other apps for exercises like RunKeeper, for example. 

Other tools 

There is also an opportunity to plan your trips, save favorite routes and maps. 

Moreover, you can start recording your walk or run, and the application will show you how many miles you have passed and how fast. 


  • allows you to explore interesting routes for different activities;
  • you can use it without creating a profile;
  • it's possible to browse variants depending on your purpose or their suitability;
  • you can plan your trips and saves the best ones;
  • there is the ability to track your speed and distance;
  • free download for Android.
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