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Alpari is an Android application of the same name broker. Here, users can trade currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and company shares.

How does it work?

To trade on the stock markets, users need to register on the site. The utility allows people to create a profile and bind payment data to replenish the deposit. Also, beginners can try a demo mode for free to learn some basic strategies.

It should be stressed that users need to enter personal data and verify their ID to gain access to the trading platform.

Trading process

To trade various assets, people need to choose different indicators. There are oscillators, support, and resistance lines, as well as trend channels. The application generates charts from real quotes of international funds. Due to the minimum delay, users can choose the scalping strategy and lower timeframes.

All traders can access economic news and have the ability to analyze price movements on historical quotes. It allows everyone to create a strategy and find a point of entry into the market. Traders can also delegate the management of their deposits to another trader. This option is compatible with PAMM accounts.

Money Withdrawal

One of the main advantages of Alpari is the ability to withdraw any amount of money from the account. After verification of identity, each client can link payment systems, bank cards, and electronic wallets. The average withdrawal time is from 1 to 7 banking days, depending on the type of policy. The fastest way to withdraw money to electronic wallets on average can take up to 48 hours.


  • an application for trading in the financial market;
  • more than 15 indicators and trend lines for analyzing charts are available;
  • the ability to train for free on a demo account;
  • profile protection with a PIN code;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Android.
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