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AlReader is one of the most popular readers for Android phones. Please note that this application is exclusively focused on works of art. Of course, it will be able to open technical literature, provided that the file format of the book is supported, but the display of the contents will suffer greatly. It means not that it will not display correctly, but will have a distorted reading format despite the fact that the user simply will not see half of the content.


It is very convenient that AlReader is able to recognize not only individual text files, but also knows how to “print” archived books. Supported file types include the fairly common FB2, TXT, EPUB, DOC, DOCX, MOBI, and some others. Regarding archives, ZIP, RAR, and GZ are supported. After downloading the books he needs to the device’s memory, the user will be able to visually organize his library using ALReader and classify the works according to various parameters: title or author, genre, year of publication or even language.


With the menu interface, too, everything is more than not bad – the user can select the language that is closer to him in the settings and adjust the application to his needs. Available Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian, Polish, German, English, as well as Chinese and Turkish interface options. The application provides complete freedom of action in choosing display styles (one-page and two-page are available), setting up fonts, backgrounds, controlling auto-backlighting, installing various dictionaries, as well as editing FB2 and TXT files.

App Features

  • the app focused on reading fiction;
  • there is support for full screen mode;
  • accepts all popular text formats;
  • able to display local and network libraries;
  • conveniently implemented book search by many parameters.
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