Abe na Kebe (አቤ ና ከቤ)

አውርድ Abe na Kebe (አቤ ና ከቤ)

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 Abe na Kebe (አቤ ና ከቤ) - ስክሪንሾት 0 Abe na Kebe (አቤ ና ከቤ) - ስክሪንሾት 1 Abe na Kebe (አቤ ና ከቤ) - ስክሪንሾት 2 Abe na Kebe (አቤ ና ከቤ) - ስክሪንሾት 3

Abe And Kebe are fictional characters where our parents, society, teachers …. and loved ones in Ethiopia have been telling us jokes about!


Android, Android+
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የመተግበሪያ ግምገማዎች
አስተያየት ይስጡ
የእርስዎ ደረጃ:


ተመሳሳይ መተግበሪያዎች

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An autoliker for Facebook
And although it is not known in detail how the algorithms that grant more or less authority to a publication on Facebook, one of the most important social networks, it can be taken for granted that the amount of reactions it gets has a relevant weight when it comes to its visibility. That is why there are apps to get likes automatically and, in this way, reach a wider audience. And among them is Yolikers.

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