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Amazon Alexa is an application for Android that allows you to give commands to the virtual assistant in your home with the help of the phone. 

Control over devices 

The app provides you with the opportunity to manipulate gadgets that are supported by the Alexa system.

It can be connected to a music center, TV, light bulbs, and even to a microwave oven. All devices have to share the same WiFi connection in order to react to your commands.

There is the ability to turn something on or off, you can regulate the brightness of bulbs or start heating your dinner from another room. There is the ability to use your voice for it or arrange it manually by tapping corresponding buttons. 

You can set a special program for each of your smart devices, so it follows the pattern you have created in the interface of the application. 

It is also possible to link the system with other products developed by the company. For example, if you have Amazon Prime Video on your home theater you can easily control it with the help of Alexa. 

It is worth noticing, that the app is currently available only in 15 countries that include the US and the UK, so you should check if it can be used in your region before installing it.

Helpful tools 

There are also multiple options that are intended to improve your user experience. All owners of Alexa can use the service that is called Drop. It connects you to people from the contact list and allows you to speak with them via voice or video chat using devices at your home. 

Moreover, there is the ability to create shopping lists or plan your day. You can set timers in different rooms or ask the system to remind you about something important. 


  • allows you to manipulate different gadgets by using your phone;
  • it is available only in 15 countries;
  • there is the tool that allows you to call people;
  • lets you set timers and alarms;
  • free download for Android.
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