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Amazon Kindle

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Android 4.1 and above
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Amazon Kindle is an Android app for buying and reading books. Here you can find a lot of scientific literature, entertaining novels, fantasy, horror, and other genres. Part of the book is available in audio format so that you can listen to them while moving. The application has a section with the most popular books and comics that are great for creating a pleasant mood. 

You can choose a book according to descriptions, reviews, and ratings. You can also test part of the book for free to understand its content and show interest in the material. The system has a subscription format that will allow you to access the most high-quality and engaging masterpiece of literature. Subscribe and get access to millions of books around the world. Now the entire library is assembled at your fingertips.

Best Books

With an affordable subscription system, you get access to millions of books by top authors around the world. Here you can find scientific knowledge, have fun thanks to comics or manga. Enjoy graphic files or audiobooks. Many literary masterpieces will create a pleasant mood for you and make you think about great matters. Enjoy daily listening to the best works and get a lot of new information. This application will allow you to organize your reading time and learn a lot. Convenient access from any device will let you be in touch with your favorite book application.

App Features

  • application for buying and reading books on Android;
  • many genres, audiobooks, and bestsellers;
  • subscription system and trial samples;
  • bookmarking system and ranking of the best works of literature;
  • a simple interface and seasonal discounts.
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