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Amino Undertale is a community of the same platform for communication, designed for fans of the game Undertale. By downloading this application for Android devices, fans of the game will have the opportunity to communicate with other fans, discussing everything related to the game. There is also a huge Undertale knowledge base that can be used and supplemented independently. Read the latest news about the project, and unusual interface, which takes time to master. It also has compatibility with all current versions of Android.


The Amino Undertale interface is not intuitive. It can take quite a while to master it. But this does not stop fans from using the application for its intended purpose, because the toolkit offers everything that an avid gamer and loyal Undertale fan may need. The community has the opportunity to subscribe to other users, as well as “develop” their own profile by collecting a loyal audience. 
The rating system motivates to overtake others, profitably showing off their skills against their background. However, do not forget that according to the idea of developers, users should be friends, not conflict. Simple but convenient chat rooms with attachment support will help with this. Are you good at drawing or creating memes? Try your luck in the fan art section by publishing your work. You can be sure that others will appreciate them, filling up with comments and likes.

App Features

  • communication with fans of the game Undertale;
  • participation in polls for attentiveness and knowledge of the game;
  • access to the creativity of fans published in the application;
  • viewing the achievements of participants on his page;
  • evaluation of publications from users by likes and comments.
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