Android Accessibility Suite

Android Accessibility Suite

Google LLC
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13 Mb
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Android 6.0 and above
Android Accessibility Suite talkback tutorialAndroid Accessibility Suite text to speech

Android Accessibility Suite is a convenient application that adds new features to your android smartphone. First of all, you can configure the on-screen menu and lock the phone. Adjust the sound range and overall volume of the device. With this app, you can take screenshots and adjust the brightness and contrast. You can also use a particular function to convert text to audio format. 

Now you can always find out the description of applications and various texts with a voiceover. You can also customize smartphone control technology using the remote control from your TV. Every person can also add a keyboard and adjust various parameters using text input. Read the different elements on the screen of your smartphone using the off-screen hectare.

TalkBack screen reader

Using the option of reading and converting text to audio format, you can always recognize the important sections in the menu and manage your smartphone more efficiently. Overall it is an excellent app for those who have vision or rumor problems. You can visualize and solve many issues that will help you increase productivity and user experience. The application is lightweight and works great on all modern versions of android. Thanks to this feature, you can count on first-class user experience.

Easy to use app

The application updates regularly so that you can use the most appropriate options every day. Switch between modes and go through the training format to fully use all the options for people with disabilities. Overall it is an excellent application that supports all the functioning parameters, regardless of the version of the operating system.

App Features

  • convert text to audio with one click;
  • user-friendly interface adapted for various users;
  • system of tips when working with a smartphone;
  • assistant for people with disabilities;
  • tracking user actions for tips and tutorials.
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