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Android Tweaker

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Android 7.0 and above
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Android Tweaker is a multifunctional service application that will help you improve the performance of your Android smartphone. You can clear the storage of unnecessary files and create more space for new applications and games. The system also allows the intelligent verification of RAM and unloads unused programs to free up more data. Use the quick manager application that helps you identify files and configure various programs. 

This application allows you to work in superuser mode, edit the properties of the kernel of the operating system and other data. Change various settings, add custom parameters and improve the performance of your smartphone. Thanks to this program, you can change the application cache, configure the system and add various firmwares. The basic setup of the program is easy to do in a few clicks.

Clean Your Phone

Thanks to this application, you can easily clean your smartphone from unnecessary files. Clean the system, configure all the data and increase the productivity of the device. You can also manage the power supply and increase the battery life of the smartphone. This is an important aspect of the program which is very popular among many users. You can also make changes to the system bucket and edit all Android streams to improve performance. In general, the program allows you to access many settings and preliminary parameters which will improve the performance of your device several times.

App Features

  • application for editing the registry on Android;
  • built-in file manager and deep system customization;
  • access to the core of the system and cleaning up RAM;
  • delete unnecessary files in one click;
  • simple interface and the ability to switch tasks.
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