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AnyBooks is a vast collection of books and reference books where you can find a lot of new information. This Android application allows you to discover the masterpieces of world literature and modern bestsellers.

Free Books

This Android application contains a considerable number of free books. You can download them in various formats and language editions. Here you are sent to choose any genre and specificity that will allow you to learn a lot of exciting things. User-friendly interface, adapted reading, so you can easily absorb a large amount of information. 

Add a bookmark and copy individual quotes to return to this in the future. The application allows you to download and read free books at any time. You can also customize the bookmarking system for the viewing order. This handy application will help you realize many exciting scenarios and gain access to knowledge around the world.

Best Content

It is worth noting that the application adapts to the interface of your smartphone and the display-diagonal. It allows you to choose a comfortable font and read books in any format. Choose different sections to get access to the best masterpiece of world literature and a training textbook. Here you will find everything that will help you in homeschooling and will allow you to get more knowledge on the selected topic. Analyze free books and get access to new material for advanced training. Here you can find out almost everything you need.


  • an application for reading books and downloading literature;
  • free content for offline viewing;
  • compatibility with current Android systems;
  • quick bookmarks and playbooks;
  • settings and detailed parameters for analysis.
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