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Android 4.1 and above
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AOL is a multifunctional program on Android that allows users to read trending news and follow events in the world. You can read the news, depending on the category and individual sections. All publications are updated so that you can access the most relevant news in your area, country, or the world. Each user can choose the most interesting category and track news depending on the theme. It is very convenient because you are always in touch with the outside world and can track ongoing changes.

Also, the app includes mail service. You can send messages to users, attach files, and read letters. The third and most crucial point is the weather forecast. Here you can track all changes, air temperature, and percentage of precipitation. The weather forecast is formed for a whole week so you can plan in detail every day.

All-in-one App

The application is a type of multifunctional program that provides access to various services and capabilities. News publications are collected from the most popular and reliable sources so that you can familiarize yourself with the current political, economic, and social situation around the world. A special section with mail services helps you send messages quickly using a convenient data editing algorithm. You can also fast track the current weather forecast and take an umbrella with you if it rains. Data are taken from meteorological stations and relatively reliable. Thanks to this, you can always stay up to date with current weather conditions. It is worth noting that it is convenient, and notifications will help you not to miss important events, news, or climate change.

App features

  • news app on Android;
  • categories and headings of news;
  • write and send letters;
  • convenient notification format;
  • detailed weather forecast.
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