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AOS TV is an application for Android that allows you to watch various television channels via your internet connection.

A lot to choose from

The app provides users with access to the library of multiple TV channels. There is a lot of content from different countries, so it is possible to find something to watch wherever you are. 

Moreover, there are streams in many languages, so despite the lack of subtitles, you can find channels that you will understand even if your English is not so good. 

There are various categories that you can browse, such as entertainment, news, sports, movies and TV, cartoons, and religion. Each one has a set of channels that are dedicated to the corresponding subject.

As this app is an unofficial streaming service, there is no need to create an account and purchase a subscription in contradiction to NOW TV and other official software. 

Available tools

The application allows you to search for channels by keywords or applying various filters such as language or country of origin. 

Furthermore, there is the ability to create playlists and save there your favorite channels, so you could access them faster when needed. 

It is also possible to share videos with other people by sending them a message with the link to broadcast attached to it. You can use all of the popular messengers for this purpose. 


  • provides you with the opportunity to watch television channels from various countries;
  • there are multiple categories available to explore and the ability to find content on different languages;
  • you can use a convenient searching system to find needed item;
  • it is possible to create playlists and save your favorite channels; 
  • free download for Android.
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