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Hide Apps (NO ROOT)
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13 Mb
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Android 4.0.3 and above
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App Hider is a useful application on Android that allows you to hide various applications from strangers. Now no one can find the application on your smartphone without your knowledge. You can clone the application in order to access multiple accounts at once. Protect all your programs and select them from the start screen. You can also hide the main sentence by replacing the icon on the desktop. Now your personal guide for opening applications can look like a regular calculator or notepad. 

Use the multifunctional interface to gain hidden access to social networks and use multiple accounts for various programs. The application allows you to open videos and photos so that no one can find out your personal life. This application works with cloned versions of other applications without the original software package. It means that you can delete any application immediately after you plan it on your smartphone or tablet. It is a convenient feature that allows you to save time and resources.

Great Hider

A distinctive feature of the application is the quality of its work. You can quickly hide any content, photo, and video thanks to reliable protection algorithms. Create your access settings to use the application for authorization in social networks and instant messengers from two or more accounts. Just create a duplicated application icon, and you can enter social networks in one click. Protect your data and stay safe.

App Features

  • hide applications with one click on Android;
  • duplication of accounts and applications;
  • the ability to hide photos and videos on a smartphone;
  • mimicry icons to increase program stealth;
  • quick access to multiple accounts on one device.
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