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Xiaomi Inc.
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Android 5.0
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App Vault is an Android application with the option to organize various usage scenarios.

New desktop

The utility is designed to automate various actions on a smartphone and tablet. You can call up a separate desktop when swiping to the right. Here you can make shortcuts of the most commonly used applications. Also, users can add various files and documents here.

All alerts are also easy to organize. Users can take short notes, lists and plans for the day to organize their leisure and activities. A separate block with current events contains information about the upcoming birthdays, trips to the supermarket or any other information that is relevant to you.

Convenient widgets and systematization of notifications allow you to conveniently manage all data and quickly check notes in the status bar. Despite the many functions, the utility does not consume a lot of resources. You can install this even on less top devices to organize data.

Data search

The utility has a built-in search algorithm. It allows you to insert keywords to search for notes. For ease of use, you can disable individual blocks. This will allow you to systematize only the most important data and access it faster.

With this application you can visualize all your daily activities. This will help reduce access time to important files and data on the device. It is worth noting that the utility does not support older versions of operating systems. You will need a relatively new device.


  • application for creating a digital organizer;
  • sections with selected utilities, notes and calendar;
  • quick keyword search and event planner;
  • it is available for free for download;
  • compatibility with all current versions of Android.
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