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AppBlock is an Android app with an app lock function.

How does it work?

Most utilities on smartphones or tablets generate pop-up notifications. This can distract or interfere with users. For example, you have not entered the game for a long time, and it can turn on a sound message or display an image on the lock screen. This is distracting from work.

This utility has special settings to block the operation of applications, notifications, and websites. You can permanently block anything or create a temporary template. For example, your smartphone will not send you notifications from some instant messengers and games during the working day.

Parental control

Users can limit the time they use certain applications. For example, your child likes to use social networks for communication and reading content. Limit usage time by setting a countdown timer. Some utilities can be blocked with password protection. Users without access to the code will not be able to unlock protection.

You can create profiles for home, study, or work. The application is configured to switch settings and permissions automatically. Thanks to the temporary lock, the device’s battery life is increased. The utility also helps to combat excessive dependence on mobile devices.

In general, the app allows you to reduce the irrational use of gadgets and increase productivity. Students will not be distracted by entertainment, and adults will be able to improve their work performance.


  • utility for blocking applications;
  • the ability to create profiles with password protection;
  • application and website blocking timer;
  • download the utility for free;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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