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Android 8.0
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Appy Weather is an Android application for viewing weather forecasts.

Summarized forecasts

This Android application will be interesting to all people who want to know the exact weather forecast in their city. The main advantage of this offer is the ability to track the current weather by the hour, day, or throughout the week. Choose a convenient format for displaying the list, and the toilet will leave all the parameters to track the current weather. It is worth noting that the application interface is designed so as not to create difficulties for you. 

Open daily weather forecasts and track your current status. You can see the temperature, humidity, wind gusts, and other parameters that are important for each user. You can use all functions for free for one city. You can also add advanced options for an additional fee to view weather conditions for other cities.

Additional options

The paid version includes basic features to check the temperature in one city. Thanks to the paid extension package, you get special widgets and notifications about changes in weather conditions. You also get a status bar with notifications and additional options in the main menu. In general, the free version is comfortable enough to use it every day. 

All information is taken from various hydro-meteorological centers, which allows you to count on relatively accurate results and the ability to predict your next day. It is especially vital for those people who travel frequently and need detailed weather reports.


  • weather forecasts Android app;
  • check weather status for free in your town;
  • user-friendly interface and daily updates;
  • summarized information in one window;
  • conventional hourly & daily views.
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