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Argos is an application for Android that allows you to shop for different things with your phone. 

All kind of products in the one app

Here you can find anything you need from food to furniture and purchase it in one order. It is very convenient because usually software like this has a focus on the certain type of items. For example, ASDA works in the similar way but allows you to buy only groceries. 

You need to create an account and be a citizen of the United Kingdom to become a user. When all is set up you can browse through a lot of different categories and search for products. If you find something you like it possible to order it immediately or put it to your wishlist, so it is saved till the time you decide to proceed with the purchase. 

Every item has full information about itself available, along with the rating (from one to five stars) and reviews of local users. So you can study everything and then make a decision to buy or not buy a product.

There are also everyday discounts and special offers for customers. You can get three items for the price of two or just purchase something cheaper than it usually is.

Delivery option 

It’s always available to open the in-app map of the city you live in and see all the stores opened around you. It’s necessary to grant access to your location so the application knows where you are at the moment. 

You can choose the closest one to your home or workplace to pick the products you buy from there. The chosen shop can be changed anytime and you will get new orders prepared for you at another place. 

If you don’t have time to pick up things you have purchased it’s possible to arrange the delivery. It costs extra, but a courier brings everything right to your door. 


  • you can shop from any place with your device;
  • there are all kinds of product to choose from;
  • discounts and special offers;
  • delivery is available;
  • free download for Android.
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