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Asana is an Android application with the ability to create tasks for company employees and use reminders.

The working process

Many companies have remote staff, where each person is responsible for certain processes. This application helps to generate tasks and delegate certain actions to specific people in the company. For example, a team of managers or developers can generate an idea and attach it to a common profile for a certain part of employees.

A brief description and commentary system can accompany each task, note, or idea. Users can also create reminders, so they don’t miss meetings and other workflows. You can attach files to notes and tasks for other employees or management.

Users have the option of sending tasks to email. The advantage of the utility is that personal tasks are automatically delegated to specific people. But there are collective mailings that apply to all team members. Managers of several companies, organizations, or departments can add profiles to the application to quickly switch between them.

Authorization process

The utility is available only for registered users. To register, you must provide an email address or Google account. After entering personal information, photos, and adding contacts, you can fully use the utility. Immediately after authorization and joining the company profile, you can communicate and receive tasks.


  • application for automation and organization of work of companies;
  • ideas, notes, and tasks for employees;
  • built-in group chats with data transfer support;
  • you can download the application for free;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Android.
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