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ASDA is an application for Android that makes your shopping process more comfortable.

Ability to buy products on the go

With this app, it’s possible to purchase groceries online and avoid visiting shops. At first, it checks your geolocation and suggests the nearest store in your neighborhood. The products you choose will be brought to you from there. It’s better to pick the closest option available as it influences the delivery speed. 

You can use an immediate delivery or order it for a certain time. It costs extra, but there is a special pass, that provides you with this option for free after you pay for it once. 

The application shows you huge lists of different products. It’s mostly food, but there are a lot of useful things for your home. It’s possible to choose anything you need, add it to your in-app basket and purchase it straight from your device with software like Samsung Pay.

When payment is passed successfully, employees of the shop will start to collect your order and you will get it soon enough. It’s not obligatory to pay right after you made an order. It’s possible just to book it and proceed with it when you are ready. 

Also, if you shop frequently, there is the ability to save your favorite products and quickly add them to your basket every time. Moreover, it’s possible to scan barcodes on any items and easily find them. It’s convenient if you are looking for something, but don’t know how it’s called. 

Cheaper products 

The application has the rollbacks system and special offers available for you. It will help to save some money in the shopping. As the buying process is fully online, it’s easier to find an item that currently has a lower price. 


  • lets you buy groceries online;
  • it’s possible to choose the closest shop;
  • you can save your favorite products;
  • there are rollbacks and special offers;
  • download free for Android.
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