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Android 4.4 and above
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Assistive Touch is a multifunctional application that will improve the efficiency of your smartphone. Several usage scenarios can help you enhance your user experience. For example, some smartphones may have problems with physical keys in the future. Power keys, touch buttons, and volume controls may break in the future. Here you can configure new buttons on your screen to perform all the essential functions of the application. Adjust the desired parameters of the water panels and create sets of presets for daily work. 

You can also unload applications from RAM and configure the program usage policy. Take screenshots and record videos. Here you can adjust the touchpad by rotating the screen and adjusting the volume whether the application speeds up and adds various parameters to simulate physical buttons. In general, this program will allow you to extend the life of your smartphone, even after a severe breakdown. It is a user-friendly interface that is easy to use every day.

Pro Functions

This application is perfect for those who want to customize the interface of their smartphone and reassign touch buttons. Now you can control your smartphone Even in the presence of various physical damages and problems with physical keys. Create your user-profiles and clear your smartphone of unnecessary information. You can optimize the operation of your device and achieve maximum comfort. It is worth noting that this offer is completely free and does not require you to register. You can use all functions immediately after installation.

App Features

  • setting touch keys on Android;
  • use RAM cleaning in one click;
  • selection of operating parameters and drawing up a touch panel;
  • control your smartphone with broken keys;
  • complete reconstruction of the user interface.
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