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Astral Coach

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Android 4.0.3 and above
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Astral Coach is an application for astrology lovers. In it you can find a detailed horoscope for any zodiac sign and get personal predictions from an astrologer. If you do not know English well, we recommend using alternative solutions.

At the first launch, Astral Coach will offer you to choose your date of birth and log in via Facebook so that the application can find the necessary information on its own. After that, the main screen with the horoscope for your zodiac sign for today will open. Switching days is done using swipe left and right. Unfortunately, the forecast for tomorrow Astral Coach provides only in the evening. But users have access to forecasts for the past few days.

Additional services

As we said earlier, Astral Coach for Android allows you to chat with a personal astrologer. In addition to recommendations on the zodiac sign, he can tell fortunes by hand (requires sending a picture of the palm of his hand) or tarot cards. Also in the application, you can check the compatibility with your partner and find out your birth chart. Some of the services mentioned above are paid. But the Astral Coach app itself, you can download and use for free. This application allows you to find out the details of the astrological forecast for your zodiac sign. Use the detailed menus to select all the settings and get the perfect prediction. This application will allow you to interact with outer space and discover the third eye.

App Features

  • detailed horoscope for any zodiac sign (automatically determined);
  • fortune telling by hand, eyes and tarot cards;
  • communication with a personal astrologer in a text chat;
  • partner compatibility check;
  • support for all current versions of the Android operating system.
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