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Astro Mania is an Android application developed by a team of astrologers. With it, users can see horoscopes and predictions, pass various tests, and also learn how they will look in old age. The application contains over a thousand diverse tests, passing through which, users will be able to learn new information about themselves.

There is an opportunity to try to predict your future, after entering some data. Users can also upload their photos, after which the application will show what they will be like in adulthood. Additionally, users are provided with horoscopes distributed by day, week, month, and year.

Paid Subscription

Unfortunately, the lion’s share of the declared features does not work without the purchase of a paid subscription. The developers have envisaged a three-day trial period, however, to activate it, you must enter your credit card information. The application will surely appeal to all astrology lovers who want to learn more about themselves.

After entering the required information, the full functionality of the application is opened to users, however, after the free period the application automatically deducts funds by issuing a paid subscription. Its cost is $ 24.99 per week. Users can deactivate a charge in the settings. We emphasize that this can be done no later than a day before the end of the trial period.


  • in the application there are horoscopes and personality tests;
  • various predictions are additionally provided;
  • developers do not guarantee that the information provided is reliable;
  • the lion’s share of the functions opens after the acquisition of a paid subscription;
  • the application is downloaded and used absolutely free.
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