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Atomus is an application that does not have any practical function and is created exclusively for aesthetic pleasure. It is a complex visualization consisting of thousands of small particles of different colors. Particles can change color and move around the screen depending on the angle of the device. In addition, visualization “responds” to touch. In total, Atomus can “work out” up to ten fingers. Just be sure to make sure that your Android device supports so much.

Create Shapes

In addition to the chaotic movement on the screen, particles in Atomus can “assemble” into shapes. By choosing the correct tilt of the device and the location of the fingers, you can see on the screen a tornado, fireworks, ball lightning, halo, atomic bomb explosion, star fall, black hole, earthquake, ice, space, the universe, the sun and even the structure of the atom.

The figures look exciting. You can watch the particle’s movement and “play” with them for hours. It does not bother at all and even relaxes. Unfortunately, in the free version of Atomus, visualization cannot be set as “live wallpaper”. It also has ads. The only menu provided in the Atomus app is the settings menu. In it, you can select the frame rate of the visualization, the number and size of particles, as well as enable or disable background music.

App Features

  • makes it possible to enjoy beautiful visualization, consisting of small multi-colored particles;
  • offers a small set of customization options;
  • allows you to “draw” various figures using gestures and tilt the portable device;
  • compatible with all current versions of the Android operating system;
  • cannot work as a “live wallpaper” in the free version.
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