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Audio Relax is a meditative Android application that plays pre-recorded sounds and music. It will help you relax, rest after a working day and fall asleep.

ASMR & Relax Sounds

Each person has his concepts and ideas about the rest. Many people need white noise to be abstract from various thoughts and experiences accumulated throughout the day. Some people like the sounds of nature, different meditative melodies, and individual monotonous sounds. Now nothing can stop you from resting and getting a good night’s sleep.

In any case, this Android application will allow you to feel the fullness of meditative sounds and relax. The main goals of the app are to relax your mind and will enable you to sleep. There is a special timer that will reduce the volume level to zero every minute. It will help you gradually fall asleep and enjoy the pleasant sound of various tunes. It is worth noting that most of the functionality is available for free and without registration. You can combine pre-existing sound samples with relaxing.

Easy Meditation

It is worth noting that this application is suitable for any age category. Here you can use various low-frequency sounds that have a relaxing effect on your body. Use the sounds of the rain forest, the sea of the universe. Here you can configure additional parameters and set a sleep timer. Some Advanced settings can expand thanks to in-app purchases. You can also mark your favorite settings to enjoy the name at any time. Combine and immediately, several sounds to get the opportunity to create a unique format of relaxation.


  • application for listening to meditative melodies;
  • free library of sound samples;
  • convenient Android interface with lots of options;
  • off timer with a gradual decrease in sound;
  • select any ringtone offline.
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