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Automatic Clicker

SimpleHat Software, LLC
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Android 7.0 and above
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Automatic Clicker is an application that performs one fairly simple function. It can make multiple “tapas” on a specified area of the screen of a portable device. Why is this needed? Gamers often use such programs. Using autoclickers, they can automate farm mobs and other tasks. In addition, there are other “cases” of using such functionality.

Despite its name, Automatic Clicker is not an automatic clicker in the usual sense of the word. This program does not know how to record sequences of actions and repeat them. Specifying specific instructions using scripts is also not possible. The program can only “tap” on the selected area with a specified period of time (in milliseconds). What is true in the new versions, she “learned” to work in several “streams”.


The main advantage of the application is that it does not require ROOT rights. We also note a very simple configuration, which is to provide the application with several system permissions. Before starting work, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the text guide, which fully describes the process of working with the program. You can download and use Automatic Clicker for free. This program is convenient for everyday use and contains a number of functions that will help you activate the necessary settings in one click.

App Features

  • can perform tapas with the specified frequency in a certain part of the screen;
  • supports single-threaded and multi-threaded modes;
  • includes a simple initial setup wizard
  • does not require ROOT rights – only system permissions to display on top of other windows and to execute special instructions;
  • works only with the latest versions of the Android operating system.
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