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Android 7.0 and above
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Automatic Tap is an application that serves to perform repeating tapes on the screen. This simplest clicker includes only the most necessary settings and works without superuser rights (ROOT). Most often, similar programs are used by Clicker Heroes players and other games with similar mechanics. However, the application can also serve other useful purposes. Note that in recent versions, Automatic Tap has learned to repeat sequences of tapes in different parts of the screen. This is one of the few Android solutions that can perform this function.

Automatic taps

In addition to the tap area, when creating a task in Automatic Tap, you can also specify the interval between touches. Developers do not recommend setting this value to an indicator higher than 100 taps per second. Among other important settings, we note the ability to select the “own” coordinates of tapes for different applications and games. The program will save ready-made profiles, and will give you the opportunity to switch between them at any time.

Among the limitations of this automatic clicker, we note the lack of the ability to record swipe and long presses – the application can play exclusively single tapes. Also, at the moment the program does not allow you to select more than nine points for tapas. Otherwise, this is one of the most universal solutions of this kind. You can download it for free in one click.

App Features

  • able to repeat successively clicks;
  • can repeat tapas at one point on the screen;
  • contains a minimum number of restrictions and offers a minimum of settings;
  • it has a simple and intuitive interface;
  • compatible only with the latest versions of the Android operating system.
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