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BaBe untukmuBaBe jelajahi

BaBe is one of the largest Android applications in Indonesia which will allow you to stay up to date with the country’s news and receive the most relevant information. Untukmu helps you get pop-up notifications so you can read the latest news. It is worth noting that most of the content in the application is available in video format. View the latest news and leave your comments under the most relevant publications. 

Users can like the most interesting video and leave their opinion about a particular situation. There are many interesting news publications and opinion polls that will help determine the current situation in the country. It is worth noting that this offer has convenient filters that allow you to track the most relevant information. You can choose your favorite category that you want to track and enjoy first-class content.

Get the Latest News

It is worth noting that the application has the Anti-News Lie option. This is a special filter that blocks inaccurate information created to disorient users in Indonesia. The news application contains exclusively truthful and objective information that is provided in an informative manner. Interesting videos and social publications contain a maximum of useful information that will allow the inhabitants of Indonesia to understand the current political, economic and social situation in the country. This is a multifunctional application that contains social surveys and informative content.

App Features

  • the Indonesia news app for Android;
  • many relevant videos and social surveys;
  • like and read new publications;
  • the Indonesia’s latest news in one app;
  • simple interface and headings for viewing.
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