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Android 4.2 and above
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Banggood is an application with a huge database of products in various categories. Download to the application on Android, you can access a different brand with a worldwide reputation and buy products from many categories. The main section includes the most popular things among all users. You can also buy toys, hobbies and robotics. Enjoy first-class smartphones, tablets and computer accessories. There are also household appliances, tools and industrial goods.

There are also many fashionable brands of clothes, shoes and accessories. Many users will be happy to use the system of coupons, points from discounts. Thanks to it, you can get all the goods at a lower price. It is worth noting that the application is involved in various seasonal sales, so you can choose any category for shopping. There’s a lot of things to buy here.

Shopping Dream

The main feature of the application is a huge number of products at various prices. You can use the tab with new arrivals to select the most popular products. Buy quadrocopters, smartphones and personal computers. There are many interesting categories and sections that many people will like. Stylish branded clothing is also an important aspect. There are many popular things that will appeal to millions of people around the world. All you need is to choose a payment method and buy the necessary number of things. Convenient delivery and product tracking system helps you keep abreast of many events.

App Features

  • application for shopping on Android;
  • various products and categories with sections;
  • the opportunity to participate in discounts and sales;
  • points, coupons and prize draws for activity;
  • feedback system and product rating.
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