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Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM)
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Battery Doctor is an Android application with the ability to optimize the charge of devices from the power adapter and increase non-volatility.

Principle of operation

The free utility replaces manual settings for users. You can monitor system processes and battery consumption through a separate widget. The utility helps to activate the silent mode and remove unnecessary applications from the background. Energy-saving options are achieved by automatically turning off all other widgets and third-party scripts.

Fast charging is also realized by deactivating the least frequently used options. There are three operating modes in total. One is aimed at hibernation without notifications and background utilities. The second allows you only to turn off notifications. The third mode turns off all notifications as much as possible and displays the amount of time until it is completely discharged.

If the smartphone or tablet overheats, then users can reduce the brightness of the screen or activate one of the available modes.


The utility has a built-in widget. It can be activated in the settings. The widget shows battery status, time, and various power settings. The icon itself contains a notification filter. It is especially useful for the mass removal of alerts from various applications. The utility is suitable for those who do not want to personally remove tasks and turn on the power saving mode on their device.


  • utility with energy modes and accelerated charging;
  • option for cooling the processor and cleaning the RAM;
  • separate widget with battery information;
  • the app is available for free download;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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