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BBC Weather is an application for Android that provides you with metcasts for the area you are currently situated in. 

Main functions 

First of all, you should keep in mind that this app is developed for citizens of the United Kingdom. If you are somewhere else at the moment it won't work properly. 

You should allow it to access the location of your device so it could automatically analyze it and find all the suitable information. 

On the main screen, you can see the name of the city, the time and actual weather conditions there. 

Also, you can see the forecast for the next four days. More detailed data is available if you click on it. This works in a way similar to other applications with the same functions as Met Office Weather Forecast, for example.

Moreover, you can get to know the weather for up to 14 days in the future. It even can be shown hourly if needed. 

It's also possible to get warnings about rain, snowfalls, storms or other emergencies. The app notifies you prior to the event, but you can disable this feature in settings.  

Besides all mentioned above, you are always shown not only the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit but how it really feels outside.


According to developers, they value your personal information. So, never the less, the application always has access to your current location it doesn't share it with anybody. 

However, if you want to protect your whereabouts to the highest possible extent, it's possible to disable this option. 


  • available for citizens of the United Kingdom;
  • informs you about weather conditions in the area nearby;
  • you can get a detailed forecast for the next 14 days;
  • shows not only actual temperature but also how it really feels;
  • free download for Android.
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