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Android 4.4 and above
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Beat O is an application for diabetics on Android. Use the convenient interface and a personal blood glucose meter to determine blood sugar levels. The application allows you to manage your health insurance data and receive free medical advice from leading experts in India. Track your performance online and get detailed information. Now you can monitor your condition and go to the doctor for an appointment. Control your vital signs and get all the benefits online.

You can also get up to 20% discount on various medicines for diabetics. Use the app to access branded pharmacies to get discounts. The service guarantees free home delivery and the possibility of various payments for the goods upon delivery. Use the built-in app to purchase many first aid items and products. You can also synchronize your fitness tracker in order to control your personal biological rhythms.

Say No To Health Problems

Thanks to this application, you can solve many issues related to your health. A lot of professional doctors will help you cope with your illness and give you effective advice. Improve your body condition and control all vital signs. You can also make quick purchases to get everything you need at home. Use the application if necessary and you can enjoy all the benefits of online shopping. Choose products that help you control your diabetes and feel better. This is your personal guide to the world of health and well-being.

App Features

  • the Android application for diabetics;
  • track your blood sugar in one click;
  • use the menu for online consultations with doctors;
  • buy medical supplies and products in one click;
  • control your fitness tracker and monitor your body condition.
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