Bell & Shake

Bell & Shake

Roberto Peña De La Vega
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Android 4.1 and above
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Bell & Shake is an original Android application that will turn your smartphone into a bell. At first glance, this seems ridiculous, but you can appreciate this application in many situations. For example, you can go to a restaurant with your friends or partner. Imagine that the waiter is busy or ignoring you. Polite people are unlikely to scream through several tables to call a waiter. Now you have a Great option in order to attract the attention of staff. Select the sound of the bell and shake your smartphone. The device will immediately emit a loud bell sound that will attract the attention of service personnel. 

You can set the volume and type of sound. It is worth noting that the program uses a gyroscope to track the position of the smartphone in the air. Also, this program is suitable for those who went to the store and cannot find a consultant. In general, you can use this program to inform people about your presence or as a fun addition during communication in the company. Now you can always focus on your person and be in the center of the discussion.

Ring the Bell

This application is very relevant for those who are often in a noisy company. Now No one can interrupt you If you want to say important words. Shake your smartphone and let the ringing of the bell notify everyone around you. You can make a toast, a solemn speech, or motivate people to certain actions. Ringing a bell will allow them to stop talking and listen to you. Also, the application is suitable for older versions of Android and does not require a significant amount of resources on your smartphone. It is universal software that works with many smartphones and allows you to activate maximum volume.

App Features

  • application for simulating a bell on Android;
  • shake your smartphone to activate the sound;
  • suitable for attracting people’s attention;
  • minimum system requirements;
  • loud sound and several presets.
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